Movement Neuroscience Laboratory

The mission of the lab is to advance knowledge of human neural control of movement and leverage this information to improve motor function for those with neurological impairment


1. To study the neural processes that govern perception and action in health and disease.

2. To translate principles of neuroscience into practical interventions for individuals with motor impairment.

3. To advance techniques for studying human motor neurophysiology.


1. State of the art virtual reality and robotics to study the effects of visual and haptic feedback on motor behavior.

2. High-precision optical cameras, instrumented gloves, inertial sensors, and force sensors to study human movement biomechanics.

3. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electromyography (EMG) to study human neurophysiology.

Meet the Team

News/Blog Section

NU and Bouvé Research Development Team in the lab

NU and Bouvé Research Development Team in the lab

The MNL was happy to host the Northeastern University and Bouvé Research Development team for a tour of the lab with a cTMS demo. Dr. Kim Holloway, Vice Provost for Research Development is pictured experiencing our non-invasive transcranial magnetic brain stimulation....

Goodbye Summer Scholars

Goodbye Summer Scholars

Thank you to our summer scholars (Diego not included) Mia, Anna, and Sarah for all your help in the lab this summer! We are so proud of the projects you were able to work on and finish while in the lab. Best of luck in your next ventures.

Goodbye Mariusz!

Goodbye Mariusz!

URI is welcoming an amazing researcher to their staff this year. We are wishing Mariusz good luck in his next job at URI! You will be missed.  

Visiting Summer Scholars in lab

Vising Scholars Mia Drazevic, Sarah Hsu, and Diego Soto with Mariusz and Tom on a weekly Monday meeting. Discussion includes experiment schedule for the week and data analysis.


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